Terms of Service

1. Hans Paul Enterprise provides information and data on its website. In addition, it allows the user to access the Internet pages of other providers via hyperlinks (Internet links). This information and data serve the user exclusively for information purposes and for personal use.

2. Hans Paul Enterprise assumes no liability for the correctness and up-to-dateness of the content, in particular for content and information, which are on third party websites, referred to by links of Hans Paul Enterprise.

3. Hans Paul Enterprise can not guarantee the permanent availability and functionality of the websites and services, but endeavors to keep the website as constantly available as possible. Hans Paul Enterprise assumes no liability for any failures, data loss or misapplication.

4. As far as Hans Paul Enterprise discussion forums, weblogs and chats are offered, no control by Hans Paul Enterprise is possible with regard to the content and opinions exchanged by the users. Liability for such content can therefore not be accepted. Users of these offers undertake not to postpone any content, software or information that violates existing laws, in particular violent, offensive, offensive, and / or commercial or pornographic, or the other users or Hans Paul Enterprise, such as viruses. It is explicitly forbidden to disseminate content which is called for hatred of parts of the population or propaganda for an anti-constitutional organization. The author is solely responsible for the correctness of his communications as well as for the resulting consequences.

5. The user agrees to Hans Paul Enterprise to publish, remove, edit, and integrate certain content on the website.

6. Hans Paul Enterprise has no influence on data transfer via the Internet. It therefore expressly points out that each user is himself responsible for protecting his system from malicious attacks from the network (e.g., viruses).

7. We reserve the right to change the present conditions of use at any time with effect for the future.

8. By using the website, the general terms and conditions are accepted.